Welcome to Disney Magic Mama


Welcome to Disney Magic Mama! As a Disney lover you can find me at Disneyland a couple of times a week. I’m here to share my Disney knowledge with you. Now I am no Disney expert. I am not sure there is such a thing because I believe there is always hidden Disney magic to be found. I am excited to share all that I have found so far! Look here to find tips on navigating the park, Disney updates and ways to find magic in your trips to the park.


I was born and raised in a small Georgia town. I grew up a Disney lover. I consider myself a true southern…. Yes mam, no mam, sweet tea drinker and lover of all things fried. Moving to Southern California was a BIG step for me. There may or  may not have been a small amount of cultural shock. I’m sure you are wondering what made this small town girl pack up and move all the way across the country? Well you guessed it… LOVE! My husband, Adrian and I met working for the same company that is based in California. It took two years of a long distance relationship but he finally got me to move to SoCal. Now we are working on our happily ever after with our two beautiful children, Kaleb and Adaley.


The first week I moved here Adrian took me to Disneyland ruiskutettavat steroidit myytavana and I knew that I was home! I wouldn’t say my husband was a Disney lover when we first met but luckily he didn’t mind my DIsney mayhem. I am happy to say without a doubt that he is now a Disney lover! Maybe not as much as me but a Disney lover nonetheless.  Kaleb and Adaley are also proving to be little Disney fans themselves.Thank goodness!! Taking them to DIsneyland and seeing their little faces light up is pure magic.


One day as I was going through our family pictures I really realized what a big part of our life Disney is. We have so many special memories that are because of Disney. It’s not just the Disney parks. It’s  Kaleb’s Cars themed 3rd birthday party , Adaley’s favorite Daisy Duck plush, the Disney lullabye soundtrack we play for them every night and so much more! Disney has brought countless magical moments to our family and I want your family to experience that magic too. So follow along with me as I share all things Disney and experience magical moments for your family as well!


Lastly, I want to thank my husband Adrian for giving me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone to start this blog…and reminding me to always live the magic!


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