Christmas Traditions With A Little Disney Magic


It’s no secret how much I love Disney and it’s also no secret how much I love Christmas. So for our family the two naturally go together. Over the years our family has created our own traditions for Christmas and some just happen to have a little bit of Disney magic mixed in.

The #1 Disney tradition we have is visiting the park at Christmas! Every year we make sure to see the holiday firework show and experience the snow. It is just such a magical moment! Seeing my kids’ faces as the snow falls remains one of my most cherished memories. Click here to read about my Favorite Holiday Experiences. 

My husband and I love to get get one of the holiday mugs filled with hot chocolate. We use the mug all year long until the next year when the new one arrives.

We also pick out a new Christmas Disney ornament from the parks every year. We have a special little tree in our dining room that we put all of our Disney ornaments on. This year when we were at Aulani for Thanksgiving we were very excited to see they had Christmas ornaments.  Adrian and I chose one and we also let the kids choose one so this year we added two Aulani ornaments to our Disney tree.

Kaleb loves to help me in the kitchen. He always helps me make dinner and he loves to help bake too. He is becoming a great little helper! Adaley is beginning to help out with the baking as well. Every year we bake chocolate chip cookies for Santa. One day I was visiting the DIsney store and saw the cutest Mickey and Minnie apron with matching chef hat. I knew that would make great Christmas gifts for them! I looked around and also found this sweet Disney Christmas cookbook to go with it. I can’t wait to make memories making recipes from this cookbook in their matching aprons and hats!  You can find the cookbook here.

You can find the recipe for our favorite chocolate chip cookies here

A couple of years ago a dear friend gave us a Mickey waffle maker at a Christmas Eve party. We were so excited to use it that we used it the very next day which was Christmas morning. And that is how our tradition began of having Mickey waffles for Christmas breakfast.

We have many Christmas traditions but it is fun to see how naturally the Disney magic finds it’s way into some of them. What special Christmas traditions do you and your family have? Has Disney magic found its way into any of your traditions?

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